Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Volunteers Help Independence Conservancy Finish Wetland Restoration Project In Beaver County

On April 6, twenty volunteers helped Independence Conservancy put the finishing touches on a wetland begun last fall at newly-christened "Rocky Bend Nature Preserve" in Potter Township, Beaver County.
Sited on a sweeping bend of Raccoon Creek, the 89-acre Rocky Bend is a public-private partnership between adjacent landowners Potter Township and Independence Conservancy.
The wetland is one of many improvements underway at this former military/industrial site, rapidly becoming a low-impact recreational gem in the Raccoon Creek Greenway.
It offers habitat for waterfowl, amphibians and songbirds, while lending beauty and interest to the Preserve. It also works as green infrastructure by catching and slowing rain water flowing across the meadow.
Volunteers from BioMost, Shell, Potter Township and the Conservancy planted 1,500 native trees and 900 live willow stakes in and around the wetland, while serenaded by toads and peeper frogs already enjoying their new home at Rocky Bend Nature Preserve.
The wetland was made possible by a generous gift from neighbor Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals.
For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Independence Conservancy website.
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