Tuesday, April 30, 2019

May 2 Harrisburg University Data Analytics Summit To Feature Partnership With Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Harrisburg University’s Data Analytics Summit V on May 2 will feature two projects developed by the University’s Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy (E3) in partnership with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission.
The projects will demonstrate the power of data science to augment decision making and support stewardship of natural resources by environmental agencies.
The sessions will be introduced by Andrew Dehoff, P.E. Executive Director of SRBC:
-- Extracting Signal from the Noisy Environment of the Pine Creek Watershed: SRBC needs to manage multiple stakeholder requirements while sustaining a complex socio-environmental system. The project objective was to identify significant events or “signal” from among complex network of environmental sensors producing numerous water quality measurements.
The goal of HU’s analytics team was to utilize machine learning to identify which environmental indicators have significant influences on the Susquehanna River watershed, and to determine the effects of environmental indicators on the biotic community.
-- Deep Learning-based Dashboard to Help Protect Susquehanna River Basin: Streamlined access to data makes forecasting, monitoring, and timely actions much easier for any organization. It can mean the difference between achieving and not achieving a central goal.
For the SRBC, data is key to the commission’s core mission of enhancing public welfare through comprehensive planning, water supply allocation, and management of the water resources of the Susquehanna River Basin.
River basin management involves multiple stakeholders and scientific management requires significant forecasting capabilities.
The HU team is working to combine data mining, deep learning techniques and visualization to identify relationships between various environmental parameters and indicators, build suitable predictive models, and present them in a digital dashboard to facilitate better, informed, pragmatic and more effective decisions.
Questions should be directed to Gene Veno, SRBC, 717-238-0423 ext. 1331 or by email to: gveno@srbc.net or John Quigley, Director of the Center for Environment, Energy and Economy, 717-901-5100 ext. 1659 or by email to: JQuigley@HarrisburgU.edu.
For more information, visit the Harrisburg University’s Data Analytics Summit V webpage.

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