Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Leadership Opportunity: Re-Imagining Energy: Generation, Storing, Catching Carbon, Built Environment, Pulling It All Together

By Penn State News

As the land-grant university for the energy-rich state of Pennsylvania, it isn’t surprising that Penn State University counts among its core strengths a broad and deep expertise in energy-related research.
Today, in areas from materials science to policy, from environmental chemistry to architectural and electrical engineering, the range and quality of our research make Penn State a world leader in energy research.
Penn State News has produced a package of five stories that capture just a sliver of that expertise, briefly sampling some of the more innovative ideas of Penn State researchers working together to solve key questions of making and using energy.
-- Generating Energy-- tapping natural processes to power our future;
-- Storing Energy—revolutions in materials to make batteries that charge faster, last longer, and are safer than conventional batteries;
-- Catching Carbon—new technology to capture CO2 before it gets into the atmosphere and either sequester it or use it to create new products;
-- The Built Environment—how new inventions and design principles are making our buildings and appliances more energy-efficient; and
-- Pulling It All Together—integrating new sources of energy with the traditional electric grid to provide reliable, sustainable power for homes and businesses.
Questions about this series should be directed to Cherie Winner, Penn State News, by sending email to: clw43@psu.edu or call 814-863-4750.
(Photo: Lewis Katz Building, LEED-certified, Penn State University, State College, one of more than 2 dozen on campus.).

[Editor’s Note: Supporters of the bipartisan legislative initiatives to expand and update the Act 129 Energy Conservation Program, authorize community solar energy projects and develop the infrastructure for electric, hydrogen and natural gas vehicles will have to regroup with the election loss of their prime sponsors on November 6.  Bipartisan legislation was also introduced to promote microgrids last session.  These initiatives present just some of the real opportunities for leadership on energy issues in the state when the new General Assembly reconvenes in January and all bills have to be reintroduced and start over.]
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