Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership Names Brenda Sieglitz New Manager

The Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership has named Brenda Sieglitz as its first manager effective November 26.
As the Manager, Sieglitz will help ensure the success of the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership by synchronizing creative strategies to serve and diversify the partners, funders, agencies, and other priority audiences.  
Working closely with the Making History Campaign team, she’ll also serve as the key internal point person to ensure the Partnership activities are effectively coordinated and communicated.
For over a decade, Brenda has worked in the private sector where she has focused on project management, business development initiatives, sales, and marketing.  
During this time, she created and led multiple marketing and events centered on public-private partnerships, including leading the development and launch for a biodegradable food service disposables line in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Brenda has lent her expertise to numerous organizations; she’s the current president of the board for the Susquehanna Valley Chamber and co-chair of Lancaster County Conservancy’s Riverlands Trail Festival.  
And she’s held leadership and mentor roles with organizations such as the Lancaster County Chamber, Team Sarcoma Keepin’ it Kevin, and the National Parks Service to name a few.  
She’s also a certified Pennsylvania Master Naturalist.
She’s been honored with 1st place in the 2014 North American Book Awards “Editor’s Choice Nonfiction” category, the Yahoo! Contribution Network 2009 “Content of the Year” award, and the Ruhland-Gilner Memorial Conestoga Township Good Citizen Award.
For more information on this important program, visit the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership website.  Sieglitz can be contacted through the Chesapeake Bay Foundation-PA Office in Harrisburg at 717-234-5550.
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