Tuesday, July 31, 2018

UGI Opens CNG Fueling Station In Bethlehem, Touts Advantages of Natural Gas Vehicles

UGI Utilities, Inc. conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday to mark the opening of its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station at the Company’s office located on City Line Avenue in Bethlehem.
The new CNG fueling station will serve UGI’s growing fleet of natural gas-powered vehicles. The station and fleet are part of UGI’s commitment to help reduce mobile source emissions and promote clean-burning vehicles.
The new CNG fueling station will help fuel the Company’s fleet of 46 CNG vehicles. An additional 40 vehicles designed to run on CNG have been ordered and are expected to be delivered to UGI this year.
UGI also operates a CNG fueling station at its Wilkes-Barre office.
“UGI is pleased to take this significant step forward in promoting clean energy with compressed natural gas,” Robert Stoyko, vice president of marketing and customer relations, said. “Using natural gas as a vehicle fuel improves the environment by lowering emissions, and we look forward to working with other area companies to explore the benefits of CNG for their fleets.”
Efforts aimed at reducing vehicle emissions are beneficial to the communities served by UGI. The Mid-Atlantic Region experience a significant number of Clean Air Action Days during the summer months. Vehicle emissions are a significant contributor to air quality issues experienced in the Region.
CNG vehicles offer advantages over traditional gasoline-burning cars, trucks and vans. CNG burns more cleanly than gasoline or diesel fuel and can reduce a vehicle’s emissions by as much as 90 percent.
CNG vehicles also offer the additional benefit of reduced engine maintenance requirements, reduced engine wear, and fewer required oil changes.
Construction was completed under the direction of Air & Gas Technologies, a New Jersey-based company with significant experience with CNG fueling stations.
Click Here for more information from UGI about switching your vehicle fleet to natural gas.
Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants
The Department of Environmental Protection is accepting applications for Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants through December 14 and on a first-come, first-served basis.  Click Here for more information.
PA Driving Forward
Watch the PA Driving Forward webpage for available funding opportunities for alternative fuels as a result of the Volkswagen emissions cheating settlement agreement.  Click Here for more information.
USDA Rural Communities
The USDA Rural Communities Community Facilities Loan and Grant Program can fund local publicly owned natural gas vehicles purchases and related infrastructure.  Applications are accepted on a continuing basis. Click Here for more information.
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