Friday, May 11, 2018

Chester Environmental Partnership Honors 5 With 2018 CEP Awards

The Chester Environmental Partnership in Delaware County announced Friday it has recognized five individuals with its 2018 CEP Annual Award.  They include--
-- Alex Piscitelli, Covanta Operations Area Manager
-- Robert A. Judge, Sr., Executive Director, Chester Water Authority
-- Dr. Marilyn Howarth, Director Community Outreach & Engagement Core, Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology
-- Dr. Kathleen Hornberger, Associate Professor of Science, Director Environmental Community Outreach, Widener University
"I'm honored to receive this recognition from the Chester Environmental Partnership and congratulate the other honorees for their important work and dedication to environmental protection and community support. The diverse makeup of the honorees is testament to the CEP's mission of harnessing the power of collaboration--working together for the same cause, sitting at the same table and accomplishing great things together," said Piscitelli. "Covanta is committed to engaging with and supporting the communities in which we operate. It's rewarding when it all comes together."
"Alex has helped Covanta to continue its exceptional record of compliance with minimal issues during his tenure as facility manager of Covanta Delaware Valley. With Covanta's support and commitment to the CEP, we have been able to improve the lives of Chester residents and reduce environmental impacts to the city," said CEP Founder and Chairman Reverend Dr. Horace W. Strand.
As a result of Covanta's involvement and collaboration with members of the CEP over the years, the company developed a Community Outreach and Environmental Justice Policy in response to the need to ensure all communities, especially communities which are disadvantaged, have a fair and just opportunity to participate in the decision-making process in matters impacting their local environment.
The policy serves as a tangible commitment by Covanta to engage fully with the communities in which it has or will have facilities, to reduce discharges and minimize emissions, and to do this in a manner which ensures meaningful involvement by those communities.
Founded to improve health and environment through cooperative action, the Chester Environmental Partnership is an environmental partnership among the community, federal, state, and local governments, businesses, local churches and non-profit organizations that identifies community issues affecting Chester residents and collaborates in developing solutions.
For more information on programs, initiatives and other upcoming events, visit the Chester Environmental Partnership website.  Click Here to support their work.
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