Wednesday, December 13, 2017

PA Assn Of Environmental Educators Invites Conference Presentation Proposals

The PA Association of Environmental Educators is now inviting proposals for presentations and workshops at the 2018 PAEE Conference March 12-13 in State College.  January 15 is the deadline for submissions.
The theme of this year’s conference – Growing from Our Roots – explores how programs can include local lore and native cultures to increase people's attachment to the environment in their community.  
Presentations and workshops should be interactive, engaging and fun, applying best practices in environmental education and interpretation.
Conference strands include:
-- Our Roots: Words & Wisdom – Using lore, local history and storytelling to infuse your lessons and activities with life.
-- Our Strength: Tasks & Challenges – Guidance for gaining confidence to put on the many hats we wear.
-- Our Reach: Community & Colleagues – Strengthening the connections with the environmental education community of today and tomorrow.
Each year PAEE provides high-quality workshops that give attendees experiences to take back and apply to their practices, programming, facilities, partnerships and staff.  
Attendees include experienced and novice non-formal educators, naturalists, school teachers, principals, early childhood educators, students, industry professionals and retired individuals.
Sessions will be 75 minutes or 2.5 hours in length while a limited number of other length programs may be accepted. Interactive workshops, multi-speaker presentations, round tables and panels are welcome.
Presenters are expected to register and pay to attend the conference for at least one day.  Conference scholarships and volunteer opportunities are available.
Click Here for all the details and to submit a proposal.
For more information on environmental education resources and professional development opportunities, visit the PA Association of Environmental Educators website.  Click Here to sign up for the EE Resources newsletter (bottom, left of page).
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