Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PJM Interconnect, Members Ready For Winter Electricity Demand With Ample Resources

PJM Interconnection and its members are ready with sufficient resources to meet forecasted demand for electricity this winter.
PJM expects to have 184,926 megawatts of electric resources to meet the forecasted peak demand of 135,526 MW.
Last winter, with milder-than-average temperatures, the winter peak of 130,689 MW was set on Dec. 15, 2016. PJM’s all-time winter peak is 143,295 MW, set on Feb. 20, 2015.
“Mild or severe weather, no matter what the winter brings, we are prepared and expect to have more than enough power available to meet consumers’ demand for electricity,” said Michael E. Bryson, vice president – Operations. “The key to our confidence is our members’ preparation efforts and track records of reliable performance.”  
Each year, PJM analyzes the expected demand for electricity, weather predictions and other factors to develop its forecast for the season’s operations.   This year:
-- A weak La NiƱa is expected to develop, leading to a colder winter than the last two years.
-- Southward shifts in the polar vortex caused unusually cool weather this past August. If this trend continues, the risk of periods of arctic cold will be greater.
-- Precipitation is expected to be above average for the Great Lakes region and below average to the south.
PJM also worked with generation owners on cold weather preparedness, a fuel inventory survey, resource testing and a drill for emergency procedures. Communication and coordination between PJM and natural gas pipelines continues regularly throughout the winter.
The cold weather exercises allow units to identify and correct start-up, operational and fuel-switching issues prior to cold weather operations.
For more information on its role and responsibilities, visit the PJM Interconnection website.

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