Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Philly Green City, Clean Waters: 1,000 Greened Acres Keep Nearly 28 Million Gallons Of Polluted Runoff Out Of Rivers

The Philadelphia Water Department’s Green City, Clean Water Program recently celebrated the greening of its 1,000th acre.  So far, the program has prevented nearly 28 million gallons of polluted runoff from entering Philadelphia waterways.
While the Philadelphia Water Department designed the Green City, Clean Waters program, its scope has grown far beyond PWD since being approved by state and federal environmental agencies in 2011.
As we’ve seen over the last six years, it takes much more than Water Department crews and contractors building rain gardens to transform Philadelphia’s landscape on a scale that’s big enough to have an actual impact on our rivers.
That’s why PWD, Mayor Kenney and our partners across City government wanted the spotlight on community groups, nonprofits, businesses, organizations and residents as we celebrated the 1,000th Greened Acre created under Green City, Clean Waters.
The diverse group of people and organizations at the City Hall 1,000 (Green) Thank Yous celebration was a real tribute to the dedicated coalition that’s working to protect Philadelphia’s water.
Much more than a number, the 1,000 Greened Acres you helped us build represent a true transformation of our urban landscape, one that’s having a positive impact on our waterways.
Today, green tools can keep nearly 28 million gallons of polluted runoff out of our rivers during just one inch of rain—an amount that can add up to a billion gallons of stormwater and sewer overflows not going into our waterways annually.
Visit the Philadelphia Water Department’s Green City, Clean Water Program webpage to learn more.
(Reprinted from the Philadelphia Water Department Blog.)

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