Friday, August 25, 2017

DEP Rescinds Guidance Exempting Certain Public Water Supply Wells From Meeting Construction Standards

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice in the August 26 PA Bulletin it has rescinded technical guidance on the Review and Approval of an Existing Water Sources at a Public Water System that provided certain exemptions from meeting water well construction standards for public water supplies. (DEP ID: 383-2200-108).
A public water system includes both community and non-community (schools, day care centers, restaurants, hospitals, campgrounds, churches, etc.)
DEP said it was rescinding this document because it provides exceptions from present day public water supply well construction standards, including casing material, casing thickness and grouting, that pose a potential health risk to the public.
Any deviation from established construction standards is not fully protective of public health.
The Department's public water supply well construction standards are measures that can prevent pollution from surface runoff and shallow aquifer zones that are above the source aquifer utilized for public water supply.
Questions regarding this technical guidance document should be directed to Michael Hess at 717-772-5679 or send email to:
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