Friday, May 12, 2017

Sunoco Spills Slurry In Delaware County While Drilling Under Chester Creek For Mariner East 2 Pipeline

The Middletown Coalition For Community Safety reported Friday on a May 3 spill of drilling slurry that occurred while Sunoco Logistics was drilling horizontally under Chester Creek in Brookhaven Borough, Delaware County as part of construction work associated with the Mariner East 2 Pipeline.
The drilling slurry, according to a statement from the Borough Engineer’s office, is made of clay, water and other non-toxic substances.  The slurry followed a fracture in the rock up to the surface and bubbled out into the creek.  Work is ongoing to cleanup the spill.
The spill happened on or about May 3 and was reported to the Department of Environmental Protection the following day, according to the Coalition.
DEP issued a notice of violation to Sunoco on May 9.  Sunoco has until May 16 to respond to the notice.
Local residents have been on scene monitoring and documenting the spill.  It is not known how much slurry was spilled into the creek.
It is not known how long the spill cleanup will last.
For more information, visit the Middletown Coalition For Community Safety and the Brookhaven Borough website
(Photo: A wall of sandbags in Chester Creek trying to contain the spill bubbling up from below.)
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