Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pike County Residents Invited To Fill Out Survey On Protecting Natural Resources

Clean water, healthy lands and scenic views contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors to the Delaware Highlands region along the Upper Delaware River.
Right now, Pike County residents are invited to complete a brief online survey and to share their opinions about continued protection of these important resources.
Back in 2005, people in Pike County voiced their strong support at the ballot box, approving a referendum to dedicate up to $10 million over 10 years to preserve and protect Pike County's land and water for future generations.
The question passed with a 68 percent majority⎯more than a 2 to 1 margin.
Taxpayers voted to maintain Pike County’s high quality of life through smart planning and active conservation geared toward balanced solutions to the county's population pressures, which threatened the things that make Pike County unique.
The Pike County Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program, administered through the Office of Community Planning, was created by the Commissioners in April 2006 in response to this voter-approved referendum that called for the protection of: drinking water; wildlife habitat; scenic ridges and critical open space; water quality of rivers, lakes and streams; and parks and recreational areas.
The measure also called for improved county and municipal planning, acquisitions of property or conservation easements from willing landowners on a voluntary basis, and educational outreach.
Since the program’s inception, more than 3,500 acres in Pike County have been protected. The program’s funding has helped to leverage $6 million of state, federal or other funds.
Twenty planning projects have been completed, helping nine Pike County municipalities. Approximately $440,000 has been awarded for these planning projects, with most projects also receiving state grant funds equal to or exceeding this amount.  
In addition, the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program has awarded $5.6 million for acquisition of property for parks, open space and trails, as well as for the purchase of conservation easements from willing sellers.
However, the initial Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program was limited to a period of 10 years, which time frame has now passed.
To help maintain the high quality of life that we all enjoy in Pike County, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, the local land trust serving Pike and Wayne counties in Pennsylvania and Sullivan and Delaware counties in New York, would like to hear what you think about continuing local conservation, planning and land protection efforts.
Click Here to fill out the survey.
For more information on programs, initiatives and special events, visit the Delaware Highlands Conservancy website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates from the Conservancy (upper right of the page), Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.
(Photo: Lake Lattimore easements near Silver Lake Road in Dingmans Ferry, the first project of the Scenic Rural Character Preservation Program.)

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