Friday, May 19, 2017

PUC To Study 3rd-Party Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Seeks Public Input

The Public Utility Commission Thursday approved a motion by Chairman Gladys M. Brown to explore issues related to the operation of third-party electric vehicle charging stations.
The motion, which was approved 5-0 by the Commissioners, highlights the continued growth of new technologies in Pennsylvania, including the increasing use of electric vehicles – along with the accompanying expansion in the number of electric vehicle charging stations located across the state – while also noting that the tariffs for Pennsylvania’s electric distribution companies (EDCs) address the operation of third-party charging stations in different ways.
“I believe the future of this emergent market can benefit from review of electric distribution companies’ (EDCs) existing resale/redistribution tariff provisions,” said Chairman Brown in a statement proposing a PUC study of the issues surrounding electric vehicle charging stations. “It may be beneficial to provide more clarity regarding exactly what restrictions, if any, that each utility has, and whether regulatory consistency across the state could help foster increased investment in this maturing industry.”
Chairman Brown’s motion underscored differing rules and provisions regarding the resale of utility service by third-party owned electric vehicle charging stations currently in place across the state, which may be subject to differing interpretations.
As part of the review, the PUC is seeking comment on the following:
-- What restrictions, if any, each EDC’s existing tariff establishes on the resale/redistribution of utility service for third-party electric vehicle charging.
-- The benefits and detriments of specific tariff provisions permitting unrestricted resale/redistribution of utility service when done for the purpose of third-party electric vehicle charging.
-- The appropriateness, or lack thereof, of encouraging EDCs across the state to move toward a tariff design, such as Duquesne Light Company’s, which includes provisions for third-party electric vehicle charging resale/redistribution.
-- What other resale/redistribution tariff provision designs may aid in establishing clear rules for third-party electric vehicle charging stations.
-- What other regulatory options may aid in establishing clear resale/redistribution rules for third-party electric vehicle charging stations.
A copy of the motion/statement is available online.  PUC Docket: M-2017-2604382
PUC Launches Review Of Electric Vehicle Charging Policies

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