Monday, November 14, 2016

Penn State Master Well Owner Network Issues Annual Report

The Penn State Master Well Owner Network (MWON) is a volunteer program dedicated to providing unbiased, research-based education for the millions of private water well owners in Pennsylvania.
Over the past year, 48 new MWON volunteers were recruited and trained through two online training courses. These new volunteers join a network of 237 active MWON volunteers in 58 counties.
MWON partnered with various agencies to provide 35 educational workshops or webinars to 977 private water supply owners and free water testing to 447 homeowners and farmers.
A youth drinking water program was also presented by MWON staff to 156 students. Active MWON volunteers reported spending 2,387 hours this year to educate 3,939 private water supply owners in Pennsylvania.
In May 2016 MWON partnered with numerous agencies to present the 2016 Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium at Penn State for 252 groundwater professionals.
Since the inception of MWON in 2004, 732 MWON volunteers have dedicated 12,819 hours of their time to directly educate 43,811 private water supply owners.
Additional indirect education through newsletters, newspapers and publications has been provided to over 104,255 private water supply owners throughout the state.  
Funding is provided by the Department of Environmental Protection and the PA Ground Water Association.
To learn more about the program, visit the Penn State Master Well Owner Network webpage.
(Photo: MWON volunteer David McCobin talks with a private water system owner and her family at Penn State’s Ag Progress Days in August 2016 Photo: B Swistock, Penn State University.)
(Reprinted from the November 14 issue of the Watershed Winds newsletter is now available from Penn State Extension.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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