Friday, May 13, 2016

DCNR Posts Open Data Portal Allowing Access To All Published GIS Data

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Friday posted a new Open Data webpage that allows access to all of its published Geographic Information System data-- over 130 datasets related to state parks, state forests, geology, recreational opportunities and more.
“In line with Gov. Tom Wolf’s call for transparent, easily accessible government, DCNR is offering an Open Data site that should prove invaluable to this audience of science-based, data-driven environmental professionals,” said DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn. “I urge you all to take advantage of this new service.”
“Gov. Wolf’s recent announcement that Pennsylvania is joining the open data movement -- and that DCNR is at the forefront -- will lead to exciting opportunities, not only for environmental professionals, but for the media, students, academia, taxpayers, businesses. The list is endless,” she added.
In addition, Dunn said:
-- The site will provide direct access to DCNR public GIS data, including well over 100 sets of data;
-- Users can connect to the data from any device or platform; create their own maps and reports; and add to their own applications;
-- This is a major increase in efficiency for us and DCNR partners/constituents, who rely on its information, as well as an improved tool for collaborative work;
-- Most of the data accessed through the site is updated on a daily basis making the information more reliable;
-- This data is the basis for DCNR’s highly used interactive maps which are highlighted and accessible via a map gallery in the Open Data site; and
-- Emphasis is on easily available and transparent information.
Click Here to go to DCNR’s Open Data Portal.

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