Thursday, May 19, 2016

PennFuture Lauds Regulatory Commission’s Removal Of Solar Roadblocks

PennFuture Thursday lauded the Independent Regulatory Review Commission’s vote to disapprove new regulations on net metering on the grounds that they exceed the authority of the Public Utility Commission.
These rules, which narrowly passed the PUC in February, would have limited the size of solar systems and other sources of renewable generation systems that customers could install.
The regulations would have further discouraged new generation by increasing the administrative burden on installers and open the door to new fees.
“Like a solution in search of a problem, the PUC sought to place unnecessary limits on clean renewable generation like solar power,” said Rob Altenburg, PennFuture Energy Center director, who testified at Thursday’s hearing. “Homeowners deserve more energy options, not less. We commend IRRC for making the step toward a clean energy future.”
Nationwide, the solar industry is on track to install a record amount of new capacity in 2016, and solar jobs are a vibrant growing sector of the economy. Pennsylvania at one time lead the nation in residential solar, but has since fallen behind and is less competitive.
“Unfortunately, installations here have lagged behind those in neighboring states, and Pennsylvania has missed out on the benefits, as a result,” said Altenburg. “If we are going to reverse this trend, we need forward-looking policies that support clean energy.”
With this action, the regulations now go back to the PUC for further review to address IRRC’s concerns.
“Rather than continue to support flawed regulations, we urge the PUC to formally withdraw this rulemaking,” added Altenburg. “Net metering is in the consumer’s best interest, helps Pennsylvania meet CO2 reduction goals, and advances a diverse statewide energy portfolio.”
DEP Urges IRRC To Ditch PUC Net Metering Rules

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