Tuesday, March 29, 2016

StateImpact: Drilling Slowdown Puts DEP $2.9 Million In Debt

StateImpact reported Tuesday the slowdown in the drilling industry will put collection of permit fees about $2.9 million below what is needed to support the Oil and Gas Regulatory Program at DEP in the FY 2016-17 budget year.
The following fiscal year income could be as much as $9.8 million less than what is needed to run the program.
DEP Secretary John Quigley raised the issue of the oil and gas and 11 other DEP special funds that will have shortfalls between now and 2018 in his second hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee two weeks ago.
DEP is scheduled to propose permit fee increases for at least 6 of its major programs in 2016.
A spokesperson for the Governor’s Office said they are looking at a range of options to maintain the solvency of the fund.
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