Friday, February 26, 2016

Governor’s Office Latest Regulatory Agenda: DEP Permit Fee Increases For 6 Programs

The Governor’s Office published its semiannual Regulatory Agenda showing regulation changes in process and being developed in the coming year in the February 27 PA Bulletin starting on page 1119.  The Agenda provides an agency-by-agency listing of regulations.
For the Department of Environmental Protection, the Governor’s Regulatory Agenda shows DEP proposing permit fee increases for the coal and noncoal mining, Safe Drinking Water, Environmental Laboratories, Radiation Protection and Air Quality programs in the coming year.
Among the regulations listed in the Agenda for DEP are--
-- Proposed Noncoal Permit Fee Increases - 2nd Quarter
-- Proposed Coal Mining Permit Fee Increases - 2nd Quarter
-- Proposed Subchapter D, Chapter 78 Drilling Regulation Changes - 4th Quarter
-- Final Total Coliform In Drinking Water Rule - 3rd Quarter
-- Final Disinfectant Residual in Drinking Water Rule - 4th Quarter
-- Proposed Safe Drinking Water Fee Increases - 4th Quarter
-- Proposed Nutrient Credit Trading/Offset Program Changes - 2nd Quarter
-- Triennial Review Of Water Quality Standards - 2nd Quarter
-- Proposed Changes To Sewage Facilities Planning, Permitting - 4th Quarter
-- Proposed Environmental Laboratory Fee Increases - 2nd Quarter
-- Final Land Recycling Program Changes - 1st Quarter
-- Proposed Storage Tank Regulation Changes - 4th Quarter
-- Proposed Radiation Protection Permit Fee Increases - 1st Quarter
-- Proposed Air Quality Permit Fee Increases - 2nd Quarter
-- Proposed Elimination Of Low-RVP Gasoline In Pittsburgh - 2nd Quarter
-- Proposed Eliminating Installation of Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems - 3rd Quarter
For the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Regulatory Agenda includes updating the agency’s list of threatened, endangered and rare native wild plants (PA Bulletin, page 1123).
In addition to this Regulatory Agenda, the Department of Environmental Protection published its Non-Regulatory/Technical Guidance Documents Agenda on February 1 showing guidance in process and under development for the coming year.
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