Friday, February 26, 2016

Game Commission Seedlings For Schools Programs Begins Accepting Orders Feb. 29

The Game Commission once again is helping students learn about the vital role trees play in the environment through the Seedlings for Schools Program that provides tree seedlings to classrooms so students can plant them as part of projects to improve wildlife habitat.
Orders are being accepted from February 29 through March 25.
There is no charge to schools that participate in this program. The seedlings are provided by the Game Commission’s Howard Nursery and shipping costs are offset by donations.
The program provides two levels of involvement based on the grade levels.  
“Seedlings for Your Class” is primarily for pre-K and elementary students. As part of this program, the Game Commission provides a classroom or one grade level with enough seedlings for each student to take a seedling home to plant.
Seedling choices are white spruce and assorted flowering crabapple.
A teachers’ guide and planting instructions come with the seedlings and can also be accessed through the website.
“Seedlings to Develop Habitats” is primarily for middle- and high-school students. As part of this program, the Game Commission provides a variety of seedlings to students who might use them to improve habitat on school or community grounds or along streams, or to create tree nurseries or environmental areas.
Seedlings come in bundles of 25, and will be shipped directly to schools by UPS in April, as soon as they are available.
“Once seedlings arrive, it is important to keep them moist,” said Annetta Ayers, superintendent of the Game Commission’s Howard Nursery.
Seedlings should be handed out to students with their roots in plastic bags with moist shredded newspaper, or with the seedlings planted in juice or milk cartons for transplanting at home, Ayers said.
The Seedlings for Schools Program is made possible through generous donations by the Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation, Mealey’s Furniture, the PA Forestry Association and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
Individuals and groups wishing to donate to the program can send checks to the Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Fund, which maintains the account for donations. Be sure to indicate the donation is for the Game Commission’s “Seedlings for Schools” program.
Donations can be mailed to the Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation, 341 Science Park Road, State College, PA  16803.
More information about the program and to submit orders, visit the Game Commission’s Seedlings for Schools Program webpage, or send email to:

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