Monday, December 22, 2014

DEP: $800,000 Settlement Against Tennessee Gas Pipeline For Violations In 4 Counties

The Department of Environmental Protection Monday announced a settlement with Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC for multiple violations of the Clean Streams Law during the construction of a natural gas pipeline in 2011 and 2012 through four counties in northeast and northcentral Pennsylvania.
The violations occurred during construction of the company’s “300 Line Project” in Potter, Susquehanna, Wayne and Pike counties.
According to the agreement, TGP will pay a penalty of $210,000 and will fund a $540,000 clean-up program of illegal dumpsites in Pike, Potter, Susquehanna and Wayne Counties.
The fund will be administered by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council over a four year period. TGP has also agreed to pay cost recovery monies to four Conservation Districts and the Department in the amount of $50,002.
“This civil penalty is two-fold in its benefit to the public,” DEP Northeast Regional Director Mike Bedrin said. “It eliminates unsightly and illegal dumpsites that are problematic for many communities across the state and it directs more money into the Pennsylvania Clean Water fund, which is designed to protect the waterways of the Commonwealth.”
The Pennsylvania Clean Water Fund supports educational and environmental programs that benefit clean water efforts.
During 73 inspections of the “300 Line Project,” inspectors with the Potter, Susquehanna, Wayne and Pike County Conservation Districts discovered violations including the discharge of sediment pollution into the waters of the commonwealth, some of which are protected as “High Quality” or “Exceptional Value Waters,” and failure to implement required construction best management practices to protect water quality.
The clean-up project will provide a substantial public health, safety and environmental benefit; and outside of this agreement, the project is not something that TGP is otherwise legally required to do.  
For more information, call 570-826-2511.

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