Monday, September 22, 2014

Pinnacle Overlook In Lancaster County Now In State Park System

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of State David Kemmerer Monday announced the department will now manage the 80-acre Pinnacle Overlook in Lancaster County after finalizing a cooperative agreement with the Lancaster County Conservancy.
The overlook offers views of the Susquehanna River and surrounding Lancaster and York counties.  The property will become a part of a complex including Sam Lewis and the nearby Susquehannock state parks.
“Adding the Pinnacle Overlook to our state park system dramatically increases the view we are able to provide to our visitors of the beautiful Susquehanna River valley,” Kemmerer said.  “The management agreement between the Lancaster County Conservancy and DCNR will continue public access to the overlook for visitors to our state parks, the Susquehanna Riverlands region and the John Smith National Historic Water Trail.”
The Pinnacle Overlook is part of a land transfer from PPL’s Holtwood hydroelectric plant to the Lancaster County Conservancy.
The land transfers support a regional initiative to conserve a greenway corridor of river lands, known as the Susquehanna Riverlands, along the lower Susquehanna River.
Kate Gonick, Director of Land Protection for the Lancaster County Conservancy noted that “…the incorporation of these active recreation lands in the state park system is part of the private-public partnership to protect the Susquehanna Riverlands that was started by DCNR and The Conservation Fund in the early 1990s and will ensure that these lands are maintained for the public benefit and use in perpetuity. Pinnacle Overlook will now be managed in concert with the other DCNR overlooks that together provide an opportunity to view all sections of the scenic Susquehanna Riverlands.”

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