Thursday, November 15, 2012

DEP Schedules 20 Webinars On New Permitting Tools And Permit Decision Guarantee

The Department of Environmental Protection has scheduled 20 webinars between November and next June to discuss how the agency will use electronic permitting tools to implement the Permit Review and Decision Guarantee Process.
Ten webinars will focus on the general aspects of the program and will be held starting Monday November 19.
Ten additional webinars will focus on specific programs and will be held starting Tuesday, November 20--
-- November 20: Waste Management, starting at 10:00;
-- November 20: Active and Abandoned Mine Operations, starting at 1:30;
-- November 26: Safe Drinking Water
-- November 27: Point and Non-Point Source Management;
-- November 28: Storage Tanks, starting at 10:00;
-- November 28: Oil and Gas Management, starting at 1:30;
-- November 29: Radiation Protection, starting at 10:00;
-- November 29: Air Quality, starting at 2:00;
-- November 30: Waterways Engineering & Wetlands, Chapter 102, starting at 10:00;
-- November 30: Waterways Engineering & Wetlands, Chapter 105 & Dam Safety, at 1:30.
Click Here for the full schedule and links to sign up for the webinars.

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