Monday, July 2, 2012

Senate Passes Resolution Commemorating 10th Anniversary Of Quecreek Mine Rescue

The Senate unanimously adopted Senate Resolution 341 (Kasunic-D-Somerset) designating the week of July 22-29 “Mine for Nine Tenth Anniversary Remember Week" to commemorate the 2002 Quecreek Mine Rescue in Somerset County.  
The text of the resolution follows--


Designating the week of July 22 through 29, 2012, as "Nine for Nine Tenth Anniversary Remembrance Week" in Pennsylvania, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the heroic and unyielding efforts of those persons involved in the rescue of the nine coal miners trapped in the Quecreek coal mine, Somerset County, from July 24 through 27, 2002.

WHEREAS, A near-tragedy of epic proportions began at the Black Wolf Mining Company's Quecreek coal mine on July 24, 2002, when nine miners became trapped 240 feet below the surface of the mine entrance; and

WHEREAS, Due to the actions of the nine trapped miners, a greater potential tragedy was averted when an urgent radio warning was sent by the trapped miners to another crew who were able to escape from icy flood waters; and
WHEREAS, As days passed and the danger of the situation became more and more evident, many heroic people devoted limitless hours to saving the nine trapped miners and were unyielding to the possibility that their efforts might be in vain; and
WHEREAS, The true heroes of the event, the nine trapped miners, demonstrated exceptional faith, endurance and raw courage: Randy Fogle of Garrett, Thomas Foy of Berlin, Dennis Hall of Johnstown, Ronald Hileman of Gray, Harry Mayhugh of Meyersdale, John Phillippi of Boswell, Mark Popernack of Somerset, Robert Pugh of Boswell and John Unger of Hollsopple; and
WHEREAS, Other true heroes included then-Governor Mark S. Schweiker and the leadership team he assembled, along with the many fire companies and volunteer rescue workers of Somerset County; and
WHEREAS, The miracle which occurred at the Quecreek coal mine is that all nine miners survived the ordeal, thereby originating the "nine for nine" legacy while affirming the efforts of the many people who were involved in the rescue and enriching the spirit of our nation and the faith of its people; therefore be it
RESOLVED, That the Senate designate the week of July 22 through 29, 2012, as "Nine for Nine Tenth Anniversary Remembrance Week" in Pennsylvania; and be it further
RESOLVED, That the Senate commemorate the heroism shown by former Governor Mark S. Schweiker, his leadership team, the fire company and volunteer rescue workers and coal miners Randy Fogle, Thomas Foy, Dennis Hall, Ronald Hileman, Harry Mayhugh, John Phillippi, Mark Popernack, Robert Pugh and John Unger on those inspiring days of July 24 through 27, 2002.

For more information on 10th Anniversary events, visit the Quecreek Mine Foundation website.

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