Saturday, July 14, 2012

DEP Responds To Clean Air Council Report On Bradford Methane Migration

On July 12, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer responded to a June 26 report by the Clean Air Council concerning methane migration in Leroy Township, Bradford County, saying Chesapeake Energy and DEP are taking the appropriate steps to deal with the problem.
           In its June report, the Council provided DEP with the results of air sampling in a two mile area around the Bradford well site showing methane levels to be more than 10 times the background levels.
           DEP's July letter responded by saying, "Since the onset of the incident, DEP has undertaken considerable monitoring and investigative activities in the area.  While investigatory activities are still ongoing, a significant improvement (i.e. substantial decrease in observed methane concentrations/expressions) has been observed in the private water supplies and surface water bodies in the area."
           Copies of the Council report and DEP response are available online.
DEP: Methane May Have Leaked Through Bradford Gas Well Casing
Airborne Methane Plume Found Near Bradford Well Site

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