Friday, December 30, 2011

Jan. 2 PA Environment Digest Now Available

Jan. 2 PA Environment Digest now available.  Click Here to print this Digest.

Major Environmental Legislative Issues In 2012, Same As 2011

Following his 12 minute inaugural address last January, Gov. Corbett did not start his administration with the usual laundry list of "to-dos" like most Governors.  He only had one-- bring in an on-time budget without raising taxes.
            He accomplished that goal with the help of his Republican colleagues in the Senate and House literally at the 11th hour in June 30 with very painful cuts reducing the size of state government by 4.1 percent.
            The new FY 2011-12 budget preserved the disastrous Rendell cuts to environmental programs,  but at least didn't make too many more.  The bright spots were the Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Farm Conservation Tax Credit Program, which was restored to its full $10 million in funding, and a transfer of $15 million from the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority to the H2O Water Infrastructure Program administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority.
            After the budget, Marcellus Shale legislation was the top environmental priority for the year, which ultimately did not make it to the Governor's desk and is now in conference committee.

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