Friday, December 16, 2011

DCNR Announces Price Schedule Changes For State Park Activities

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources published notice of changes to the price schedule for activities, uses and privileges in Pennsylvania's State Parks.
            The new schedule includes price increases for Commonwealth residents and non-Commonwealth residents for certain boating facilities, swimming pools, cottages, yurts, cabins and walled tents. In addition, a new price is being instituted for summer boat trailer storage during the boating season.
            DCNR said the new prices are comparable to those of state parks in neighboring states and are needed to increase revenue to the Bureau of State Parks. In addition to offsetting inflation, it narrows the gap between Pennsylvania State Parks and private facilities, resulting in a more favorable competitive climate for the private sector.
            The new price schedule also eliminates a maximum price per site for backpack/river camping to address the large size of the groups impacting the natural resource. It also eliminates park-specific rack and shoreline mooring prices for Moraine State Park. Moraine State Park mooring and rack prices will fall under the same price range as all other parks with mooring and rack spaces.
            A comparison of new and old prices will be posted on DCNR's website.

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