Friday, July 15, 2011

Live Coverage Of Governor's Marcellus Shale Commission Meeting

Live blogging of key events at the Governor's Marcellus Shale Commission meeting is available online through the WITF StateImpact news webpage.
Members of the Commission each have copies of the recommendations before them, but the text of the proposals was not available to the public online before the meeting or to the audience attending as handouts. All that's known about the recommendations is gleaned from verbal comments made at the meeting.
Some key highlights so far:
Pooling: An apparently broad and general recommendation to include Marcellus Shale in a forced pooling statute already on the books was opposed by the environmental representatives. The recommendation was approved without environmental group support.
Impact Fee: An apparently narrow impact fee proposal was recommended by the Local Impacts and Emergency Response work group covering uncompensated for local and state government costs. An attempt to change the recommendation to include funding for the Growing Greener Program was defeated. However, language was added to allow the fee to be used for "community-based projects to protect and restore land, wildlife and water resources and improve outdoor recreation opportunities." With that change the impact fee recommendation was approved unanimously.
The Commission meeting will resume at approximately 12:30.

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