Wednesday, July 20, 2011

9th Anniversary Of The Quecreek Mine Rescue To Be Remembered On July 23

On July 23 the Quecreek Mine Rescue Foundation will host the 9th Anniversary of the July 2002 Quecreek Mine Rescue at the rescue site on the Arnold Farm in Somerset County beginning at 10:00 a.m.
This year Keith Newlin from the Families of Flight 93, Inc. will be attending to accept a flag from the special flag raising ceremony in honor of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.
“The rescue was a miracle, there’s no other way to describe it,” said Arnold. “People from all over the world have come to learn about the rescue, what coal mining is all about and how everyone worked together to save the lives of the miners.”
On July 24, 2002 miners broke through into an abandoned, water-filled mine flooding the Quecreek Mine with over 150 million gallons of water. Nine miners scrambled to safety, but nine were trapped in a pocket of air in the dark, cold, water filled mine. They were rescued four days later through the combined efforts of state and federal mine rescue agencies and hundreds of workers and volunteers.
“The first year after the rescue we were overwhelmed by all the interest—we just ran a dairy farm before all this,” said Arnold. “We are grateful for all the help we receive from the public, our community and many public and private agencies to present the site to the public.”
Now more than 10,000 visitors a year visit the rescue site looking to learn more about the "Quecreek Miracle." The site became part of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Historical Marker Program in 2006.
Contact the Quecreek Mine Rescue Foundation or make a donation by writing: 151 Haupt Road, Somerset, PA 15501, calling 814-445-4876 or by visiting
For more background, visit the DEP Quecreek Mine Rescue webpage.

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