Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday NewsClips

Gasland Director Wants DCNR Official Fired for Nazi Crack
Editorial: Corbett's Gas Advisers Give Industry Control In PA
Meuser Defends Lack Of Natural Gas Drilling Tax
Op-Ed: Seek Sensible Solutions To Marcellus Tax Question
Marshall Plans To Redo Drilling Ordinance
South Fayette To Hold Drilling Meeting
Second Driller Operating Near Luzerne County Border
Marcellus Gas Has Transco Pipeline Almost At Capacity
Bill Would Put EPA Back In Charge Of Fracking
Critz Forms Caucus On Marcellus Shale
Gas Industry Urges MD Governor To OK Drilling
Young Naturalists Win Awards
Editorial: Nation Takes Notice Of Marcellus Shale
Consol To Pay EPA/WV $6 Million Penalty For Dunkard Creek Fishkill
Consol To Pay $6 Million, Build Treatment Plant
Hearing Opens Discussion On Offshore Wind Farms
Judge: PWSA Water Line Insurance Not Permitted
PWSA Water Line Warranty Program Ruled Illegal
Japan Meltdowns Won't Slow PPL Reactor Plans
PPL Issues Reassurance On Nuclear Power Plants
Westinghouse Still Banks On Future Of Atomic Power
NRC Takes Closer Clook At Earthquake Risk
Regulations, Readiness Minimize Nuclear Risks In U.S.
U.S. Nuclear Industry Expected To Withstand Crisis In Japan
Editorial: Three Mile Island, Japanese Style
Tips For Homeowners Impacted By Flooding
Recycling Teams Remove Reusable Materials From Aliquippa Hospital
Bangor's Dirt Deal Is Off
Pittsburgh Peregrine Falcon Lays Year's First Egg
Bike Path Improvements Along Schuylkill River Set To Begin
Schuylkill Bike Trail Expansion To Start
Harrisburg Act 47 Team Responds To County On Debt
Copy Of Letter To Dauphin County On Incinerator Debt
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