Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday NewsClips

Corbett's Budget Will Be Day Of Reckoning For PA
Corbett To Break Silence On Budget
Governor's New Budget Due Today
Editorial: State Budget Day Of Reckoning
Radium Tests Of Post-Fracking Water Contradict NYT Allegation
No Dangerous Radiation Found In PA Water
PA DEP: Radium Levels OK In Major Marcellus Rivers
State Tests On River Water Find Low Amounts Of Radiation
DEP Finds Natural Level Of Radiation In Drilling Water
State: Radium In Rivers Negligible
Blog: DEP Tests Reveal PA Rivers Aren't (That) Radioactive
EPA Calls For More River Testing In PA
Clarion County Water Supplies Safe
Scientist Warns Dallas Audience Of Shale Drilling Risks
House Rejects Frack Waterwaste Amendment
EPA Steps Up Scrutiny of Pollution in Pennsylvania Rivers
Feds Eye Safety Of Pipelines In State
Colcom Helps Fund Marcellus Shale Impact Studies
Marshall Hearing On Drilling Continued Until Monday
Letter: Corbett Should Stand Up And Save Our Environment
Yudichak Will Support Krancer's Confirmation
Rendell, Hanger React To NYT Marcellus Shale Drilling Story
Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Public Safety Webinar Offered
UDC To DRBC: Gas Drilling Incompatible In River Corridor
Editorial: Unexpected Arises Again With Marcellus Gas
Fish & Boat Commission Moves To Sell Gas, Water To Drillers
Clearfield County Farm Bureau Discusses Issues
Chesapeake Cleanup Funding At Risk In Federal Budget Battle
Clean Energy May Not Always Be Green Where Wind Is Concerned
Switch To Energy Saving Lighting Begins In 2012
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