Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gov. Rendell Highlights Administration Environmental, Energy Accomplishments

In a series of end-of-term interviews this week, Gov. Rendell highlighted his Administration's environmental and energy accomplishments from 2003-2010. They included--
-- Implemented the state’s first-ever Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards, requiring that 18 percent of all energy come from renewable or advanced energy sources by 2020.
-- Invested $1 billion in alternative and renewable energy and enacted the $650 million Alternative Energy Investment Fund in 2008.
-- Enacted conservation measures that will reduce energy consumption by three percent by 2013, including a 4.5 percent reduction in peak demand.
-- Ranked third in the nation for clean energy jobs by the Pew Charitable Trusts and second in the nation for solar industry jobs according to the Solar Foundation.
-- Funded alternative fuel development that is projected to replace 44,000 barrels of oil.
-- Recognized by the EPA as the fifth largest purchaser of green power in the nation and the only state in the top 20.
-- Enacted Growing Greener 2, a $625 million investment in environmental conservation and preservation (which capped and ended major Growing Greener funding in 2010).
-- Enacted $1.2 billion in water, drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, flood protection and high hazard dam repair projects ($400 million voter-approved and $800 million H20 Fund (really a Senate Republican initiative)).
-- Preserved 250,000 acres of farmland and 135,000 acres of parkland and other open space since 2003.
These items were included in a more comprehensive list of Administration Accomplishments and in a separate Campaign Promises Kept summary.
Ridge and Schweiker Administrations
Governors Ridge and Schweiker also put out a list of Environmental Accomplishments and Awards and Honors won by DEP, its employees and partners covering 1995 to 2002.

Link: Rendell Environmental Legacy, Renewable Energy Initiatives, Budget Cuts

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