Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rendell Predicts 4,000 State Worker Layoffs If Federal Funds Not Approved

Gov. Rendell is predicting the layoff of 4,000 state workers, 5,500 local government employees and 3,000 educators if Congress does not approve the $850 million in federal Medicaid the state is expecting, unless the Governor cuts the $250 million in extra basic education funding in this year's state budget and makes other cuts not related to funding positions.
The 12,000 layoffs was less than the 20,000 Gov. Rendell predicted earlier. He said the difference in the numbers was a result at looking more closely at numbers from school districts.
A vote by the U.S. Senate is expected Wednesday morning.
NewsClip: Rendell: Thousands Face Layoffs Without Medicaid Funding

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