Friday, January 8, 2010

PEC, Duquesne Sponsor Marcellus Shale Policy Conference May 3-4

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council and Duquesne University will host a Marcellus Shale Policy Conference at Duquesne in Pittsburgh on May 3-4 designed to identify strategies and practices for the effective and sustainable development of this extraordinary resource.
How should Pennsylvania construct an effective regulatory framework that allows the natural gas industry to prosper while protecting environmental and conservation values?
If you have a stake in the development of regulatory policy and decision-making pertaining to Marcellus shale gas production in Pennsylvania, then you should attend this important conference!
Among the topics we'll discuss include: The economics of Marcellus shale development in America's energy mix; Regulatory obstacles and opportunities in Pennsylvania; Opportunities and benefits of a successful Marcellus gas development industry in Pennsylvania; Finding the balance between conservation and gas resource development
Local community considerations; Environmental issues; Best management practices and long-term conservation methods; Policy recommendations; and much more.
The Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Policy Conference will feature an outstanding faculty of speakers from both Pennsylvania and other Marcellus shale formation states: Regulatory agencies; Legislative and executive branch officials; Municipal and local government officials; Natural gas development industry; Landowners; Environmental organizations;
Engineering and policy advocates from national universities; Economic development organizations.
Watch for more information in the weeks ahead
For more information, call: Pennsylvania Environmental Council, 412-481-9400 or send email to:

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