Wednesday, January 13, 2010

$5 Million More Cut From Environmental Agencies

Gov. Rendell today announced $5 million in additional cuts to DEP and DCNR as part of a package of $170 million in additional cuts he said in December were needed to help balance the state budget in the face of declining state revenues.
These cuts are on top of the drastic cuts the agencies received in the 2009-10 budget.
The cuts suffered by the Department of Environmental Protection now total $61.8 million and the $22 million for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources totaling over $83 million for the fiscal year. A quick summary of some of the cuts follows--
General Government Operations - $508,000 (Personnel)
Agricultural Research- $1 million
Nutrient Management Admin- $3,000
Nutrient Management Fund- $250,000
Land Use Planning Assistance- $4,000
Flood Plain Management- $1,000
DCNR - $1,074,000
General Government Operations- $326,000 (Personnel)
State Parks- $504,000 (Personnel)
State Forests- $251,000 (Personnel)
Forest Pest Management- $130,000
DEP - $3,817,000
General Government Operations- $144,000 (Personnel)
Environmental Program Management- $327,000 (Personnel)
Environmental Protection Operations- $851,000 (Personnel)
Chesapeake Bay Pollution Abatement- $30,000
Black Fly Control- $1,414,000
West Nile Virus- $586,000
Flood Control Projects- $42,000
Sewage Facilities Operating Grants- $100,000
Sewage Facilities Enforcement Grants- $300,000
Delaware River Master- $1,000
Susquehanna River Basin Commission- $10,000
Ohio River valley Water Sanitation Commission- $2,000
Chesapeake Bay Commission- $3,000
Detailed List of Cuts is available online.

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