Tuesday, July 12, 2016

IRRC Sends 2nd Disapproval Order To PUC On Net-Metering Regulations

The Independent Regulatory Review Commission Tuesday submitted its second disapproval order on the Public Utility Commission’s net metering regulations the IRRC unanimously disapproved on June 30.
The disapproval order says the PUC’s changes to the regulation make them vague, particularly with regard to the definition of a “utility,” and the PUC did not convince the Commission there was a need for all the provisions in the rulemaking.
The original regulations, which narrowly passed the PUC in February, would have limited the size of solar systems and other sources of renewable generation systems that customers could install.
The regulations would have further discouraged new generation by increasing the administrative burden on installers and open the door to new fees.
In June the PUC dropped the net-metering cap and made other changes in response to the IRRC’s original disapproval order and resubmitted the regulations to the Commission for review.
A copy of the new disapproval order is available online.
The role of the IRRC is now finished. The regulations now go to the General Assembly for review. The House Consumer Affairs and Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee have 14 calendar days to report out a concurrent resolution disapproving of the regulations.
If a resolution is reported out, the full House and Senate have 30 calendar days or 10 voting session days, whichever is longer, from the date the resolution is reported out of Committee to pass the concurrent resolution disapproving the regulation and present it to the Governor for his action.
The Governor can then either sign or veto the resolution.
A copy of the PUC’s revised regulations are available online.

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