Friday, July 8, 2016

Governor’s Office Publishes Update To Agency Regulatory Agenda

The Governor’s Office published its twice a year update to the agency-by-agency Regulatory Agenda in the July 9 PA Bulletin, starting on page 3702.
The Regulatory Agenda lists the proposed regulations agencies have in process or are thinking about developing in the next six months.
The Department of Agriculture Agenda starts on page 3704, the DCNR Agenda on page 3707 and the DEP Agenda on page 3713.
Among the in-process or new regulations at DEP are--
-- Unsuitable For Mining Designation In Clearfield County: Proposed 3rd Quarter
-- Noncoal Mining Fee Increases: Proposed 4th Quarter
-- Coal Mining Fee Increases: Proposed 4th Quarter
-- Subchapter D, Chapter 78 Well Operation, Plugging: Proposed 2nd Quarter 2017
-- Disinfectant Residual Rule Chapter 109: Final 4th Quarter
-- Safe Drinking Water Fee Increases: Proposed 4th Quarter
-- Nutrient Credit Trading, Offset Program: Proposed 2nd Quarter 2017
-- Triennial Review, Update Of Toxics Management Policy: Proposed 3rd Quarter
-- Water Quality Management Fee Increases: Proposed 3rd Quarter
-- Update Of Onlot Sewage Chapters 71, 72, 73: Proposed 4th Quarter
-- Environmental Laboratory Fee Increases: Final 2nd Quarter 2017
-- Update of Storage Tank Regulations: Proposed 2nd Quarter 2017
-- Radiation Protection Fee Increases: Final 2nd Quarter 2017
-- Air Quality Program Fee Increases: Proposed 4th Quarter
-- Repeal of Low RVP Gasoline in Pittsburgh: Proposed 3rd Quarter
-- Repeal of Stage II Gasoline Vapor Controls: Proposed 4th Quarter
For the Department of Environmental Protection the Regulatory Agenda is a companion to its Technical Guidance Agenda, a.k.a. Non-Regulatory Agenda.  The most recent update to this agenda was published on July 2.
A copy of the DEP Regulatory Agenda begins on page 3713 of the July 9 PA Bulletin.

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