Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Keystone Clean Water Team Launches New Website

The Keystone Clean Water Team, formerly the Carbon County Groundwater Guardians, a northeastern Pennsylvania non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, safety, and welfare of our community and the environment, has launched a new website through which it will extend its services to the community.
“Our carbonwaters.org website attracts traffic from all over the country,” said Brian Oram, president of the Keystone Clean Water Team’s board of directors. “There is no better place to share detailed information about issues related to our groundwater. There is a great deal of technical information available on our existing web portals but we wanted to add another layer to the site that was more user-friendly.”
Oram says that visitors to the organization’s new website do not need to have degrees in environmental science to get information they can use and to find potential solutions to any water quality issues they may have.
“Northeastern Pennsylvania’s groundwater is subject to many risks that can, if left unchecked, threaten the health and safety of the people living here,” Oram said. “We can help area residents keep their drinking water safe and learn more about conservation efforts that will protect this important natural resource for future generations.”
As part of its efforts to reach out to the community, the organization has also launched a Facebook page and a Twitter Feed.
For more information, visit the Keystone Clean Water Team website.

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