Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poll: Voter Concern About Fracking/Drilling In PA Far Down The List

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday found concerns about fracking and drilling were far down the list of issues that worry Pennsylvania voters.  Just 2 percent thought it was the most important issue facing the state.  Just 1 percent felt energy and gasoline prices were a concern.
Concern about the economy was by far the most important issue at 37 percent with taxes and the size of the state budget at 8 and 7 percent respectively.
Here’s the entire list-- the economy- 37 percent, education- 10 percent, taxes- 8 percent, the size of the budget- 7 percent, politicians- 7 percent, crime- 4 percent, gun control- 3 percent, fracking and drilling 2 percent, environment/pollution- 2 percent, welfare 1 percent, senior issues- 1 percent, handicapped/ disability issues- 1 percent, poverty/homeless- 1 percent, energy crisis/gasoline prices- 1 percent.

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