Thursday, February 2, 2012

West Penn Power Fund Soliciting Alternative Energy, Efficiency Proposals

The West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund is now accepting proposals for grants and loans to fund projects which focus on biomass thermal and power technologies, energy efficiency, sustainable energy manufacturing and community energy events.  Proposals are due April 3.
            While a particular project ceiling or floor has not been set by the WPPSEF, most project financing requests are expected to be in the $50,000 to $300,000 range.  WPPSEF interest rates and fees mirror the market and are typically similar to commercial banks.
            WPPSEF grant making will be limited to non-profits, except in cases where a limited amount of grant making is coupled with financing.  WPPSEF grant making is expected to be very competitive and applicants must show clear benefit to the WPP ratepayer.
            The WPPSEF anticipates its grant making efforts to be capped at $25,000 per award. Exceptions to this cap may be made for those projects that the WPPSEF deems as having high impact on the sustainable energy industry.
            Click Here for details on how to submit proposals.

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