Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conservation Districts Praise Passage Of Marcellus Shale Bill

The PA Association of Conservation Districts Tuesday issued the following statement in response to the Marcellus Shale Local Impact Fee (House Bill 1950) that passed the Senate.
            "Today, Pennsylvania's Senate made an important and historic investment in our environment, communities and our citizens," said Robert B. Maiden, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts. "The action taken by the Senate today to pass the local impact fee should be applauded by citizens and communities around the state. PACD appreciates the commitment of the Senate, especially Senator Scarnati, to ensure that Pennsylvania’s environment and communities are protected and safeguarded for generations to come. We look forward to the House of Representatives passing this important bill for the future of conservation in Pennsylvania."
            The local impact fee on Marcellus Shale will provide a dedicated funding stream to conservation districts. The new stable stream of funding will allow the districts the opportunity to:
-- Provide much-needed local support and expertise to conserve and protect our resources in counties with Marcellus Shale development;
-- Support, protect and enhance the number one industry in Pennsylvania: Agriculture;
-- Provide technical assistance to install numerous Best Management Practices, such as riparian buffers and streambank stabilization, to reduce flooding and protect the quality of our water - sedimentation is Pennsylvania’s number one water pollution issue;
-- Provide important local support to help farmers meet the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements without undue financial burden;
-- Assist municipalities with floodplain ordinances and stormwater management plans that protect homes and businesses from being flooded.

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