Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PA Resources Council Announces 2011 Lens On Litter Contest Winners

"Simple but powerful" are the words that best describe the winning photos and captions of the 2011 "Lens on Litter" contest winners sponsored by the PA Resources Council.
            PRC had a great response from residents participating in the 26th Annual Lens on Litter contest from all over the state. The entries were placed into two categories – school children and adults.  Judging was conducted at PRC’s Environmental Living Center in Newtown Square, Pa.
            The objective of PRC’s Lens On Litter Contest is to focus public attention on the problems of litter.  Litter is a quality of life issue that needs to be addressed by all.  Litter is unsightly.   It attracts rodents and insects that carry and spread disease.  Farm animals, pets and wildlife often ingest poisonous matter and harmful items. 
            In the “School Children Category,” the winner of the $1,000 First Place cash prize was 17-year-old Kristen Bulebush of Latrobe. (photo with this story)  Her photo, “Tune into Litter,” was taken in Latrobe in October.  The photo depicts a discarded TV surrounded by litter. 
            The judges awarded the second place prize of $500 to Francis Tish, a 17-year-old senior from Pittsburgh.  His photo “Don’t Be on the Fence About Litter” shows a large snack bag blown against a cyclone fence. 
            The winner of the third place prize of $250 was Kristen Miller, a 15-year-old ninth grader from Penn Trafford High School.  Her photo, “Missed the Basket,” depicts soft drink and water bottles discarded along a basketball court fence with a trash can nearby.  The site of the littering was the Penn Township Municipal Park.  This is the fourth year in a row that Kristen has won a prize. 
            Cardin McQueen, an 18-year old senior won The Peoples Choice Award of a digital camera.  Her photo “Poor Reflection” shows the image of a barn in a pond littered with a floating discarded water bottle.
            The winner of the $1,000 First Place cash prize in the “Adult Category” was Sharon Richards of Towanda. Her photo showing discarded bottles and other litter including a tire was titled “One Heavy-Duty Trash Bag 17 Cents – Working Toward a Litter Free Pennsylvania Priceless.” 
            Pam Curilla of Weston was awarded the second place prize of $500.  Her photo, “Sweeping Changes Are Needed to Tackle Litter” shows a broom among scattered litter.
            The judges awarded third place ($250) to Coni Marie Sheridan of New Columbia for her photo “Environmental Hangover.”  Her photo shows discarded beer bottles.
            Cathy Bittinger of Reading won the Peoples Choice Award of a digital camera.  Her photo “Litter Is Trash That Escapes Restraint” depicts litter piled at a retaining wall.  Taking the first letter of each word of the title spells litter.
            PRC would like to thank AAA Mid-Atlantic, Inc., BPG Development Co., Pennoni Associates, Sheetz, Inc. and Wawa, Inc. for their generosity and sponsorship of the 2011 Lens on Litter contest. 
            2012 Lens On Litter Contest
            PRC encourages all school students and adults to enter the 2012 Lens On Litter Contest, which is already open for entries and which closes October 31.  With more entries, more people will become aware of the problem of litter, and the more likely it is that someday we will all live in a litter-free world! 
            The winning photos will be displayed on the PRC website which gets approximately 200,000 hits per year.  Click here to view all of the winning photos and captions. Click Here to view winners as a slideshow.

The February issue of the PA Resources Council electronic newsletter is now available.  Click Here to read this issue.  Don't forget PRC's "Don't Be A Litterbug" vehicle license plate available from PennDOT!

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