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Senate Hearing: 3.5 Million Gallons Of Conventional Oil & Gas Wastewater Dumped On PA Public Roads Since DEP’s ‘Moratorium’ On Dumping Started 6 Years Ago

On April 17, Karen Feridun from the
Better Path Coalition told the Senate Democratic Policy Committee 3.5 million gallons of conventional oil and gas wastewater has been dumped on Pennsylvania’s public roads since DEP’s ‘moratorium’ on dumping started six years ago.

“‘Reported’ is the operative term because, as we learned in 2022, more than half of conventional drillers fail to file production and waste reports,” said Feridun.

In 2023, 86% of conventional well owners failed to report the amount of waste they generated and where it went, according to DEP.  Read more here.

The hearing was organized by Sen. Katie Muth (D-Chester), Chair of the Committee, and Sen. Carolyn Comitta (D-Chester), Minority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, to examine the environmental and public health impacts associated with disposing of conventional oil and gas wastewater on public roads.

Feridun explained the settlement of a 2017 appeal before the Environmental Hearing Board resulted in DEP’s Oil and Gas Program putting in place a ‘moratorium’ on approvals for road dumping.

But conventional oil and gas well owners got around it by going to DEP’s Waste Management Program to use the co-product provisions of the Residual Waste Regulations.

“The Coproduct Program allows owners of a waste product to use it in place of a commercial product as long as it works as well and does no more harm to the environment or health than the commercial product does,” explained Feridun..

“However, the program is so loosely structured that waste owners who believe their product passes muster can start using it without notifying the DEP. They are only required to keep their determination report on file to give to prospective clients and to the DEP should the agency request it.

“In 2021, the Bureau started requesting Coproduct Determination reports from drillers who had reported road spreading in 2020, so I filed a Right-to-Know request to receive whatever they received. 

“What drillers submitted bore no resemblance to what a determination report should look like. They sent extraneous information – a copy of [25 PA Code Chapter] 287.8, form letter ‘testimonials’ from municipalities that like road spreading, random lab reports that did not meet the requirements of [25 PA Code Chapter] 287.8. 

“None of them appeared to be trying to do a proper determination. To date, none has.”

[Note: DEP’s written testimony submitted to the Committee did not offer examples of the enforcement action DEP has taken related to failed co-product determinations.]. 

“Road spreading was a heavily-used method of disposal before the moratorium went into effect.

“Nearly 29.4 million gallons of waste was road spread in the three years before the moratorium, roughly 92% more than was reported in the three years after the moratorium.

“Where did all that waste go? Nobody knows, but there is no question that some of it went where it always went – on our roads. 

“We need a permanent ban on all road spreading and serious consequences for any driller who ignores it,” said Feridun.

Click Here for a copy of Feridun’s written testimonyClick Here for The Better Path’s Moratorium Morass briefing paper.

A video of the hearing is posted on Sen. Muth’s website.

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Hearing Testimony

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[Posted: April 17, 2024]  PA Environment Digest

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