Thursday, September 21, 2023

EPA And Lincoln University Expand Partnership To Include Department Of Environmental Protection

On September 21, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and
Lincoln University announced they re-signed their 2018 Memorandum of Understanding to enhance research, teaching, outreach, career development and stewardship in environmental sciences.  

The 2023 agreement was expanded to include the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection).

“This new agreement is not just a commitment to the now, it’s a promise to the future,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Adam Ortiz. “We’ve already done great things together and adding DEP to the partnership can only take us to new heights.” 

Intended to be reviewed and re-signed every five years, the MOU has seven core objectives:

-- Support and promote student learning, internships, career development, and employment in environmental sciences and related fields;

-- Enhance Lincoln faculty as well as EPA and PADEP employee professional development in environmental sciences and related fields;

-- Provide Lincoln with technical assistance in their environmental and sustainability efforts;

-- Support the enhancement of Lincoln’s environmental science and proposed sustainability curricula;

-- Identify and promote opportunities in designing and implementing public-private partnerships to support environmental stewardship;

-- Support community development, engagement opportunities for Lincoln students, partnerships with regional communities and potential career opportunities with the surrounding communities on environmental, health, and economic issues; and

-- Support capacity building efforts to increase Lincoln’s participation in federal and state programs at EPA and PADEP.

“We are excited to partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and with Lincoln University, an esteemed Historically Black University, to educate young Pennsylvanians on environmental sustainability and promote environmental justice,” said Rich Negrin, Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. "There has never been a more crucial time to educate and inspire students to become the next generation of environmental leaders. We hope this crucial partnership with our vital federal partners and this great university will empower students and future employees to make an impact on the environment in their communities.”

“Lincoln University is excited to continue and expand its relationship with EPA and look forward to the additional learning experiences and opportunities that PADEP will provide for our students and faculty,” said Lincoln University President Dr. Brenda Allen.  “We appreciate the provided support and look forward to building upon this mutually beneficial partnership.”

Since its founding in 1854, the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University has been internationally recognized for its commitment to excellence in scholarship and service. 

LU graduates have distinguished themselves in many fields including medicine, science, technology, education, law, and the arts.  

Like other HBCUs, LU is committed to the preparation of a diverse population of men and women through the advancement of academic programs and services that integrate instruction, research, extension, and outreach.

Under the previous MOUs, EPA and Lincoln have worked together to create and implement the University’s first recycling program, collaborated on a student capstone research project in the Little Elk Creek watershed, and provided students with paid internship opportunities with the federal government, such as the Environmental Science Research Internship Program.

[Posted: September 21, 2023]  PA Environment Digest

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