Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Centre County Commissioners Recognize Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority's 50th Anniversary

Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority celebrated 50 years this month.  In honor of the 50th Anniversary, the Centre County Commissioners dedicated Proclamation 22 of 2022 – Proclaiming the 50th Anniversary of Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority in Centre County.

Present to accept the Proclamation were Joanne Shafer, CCRRA’s Deputy Executive Director/Recycling Coordinator, CCRRA Board Chair Richard Stehouwer and CCRRA Vice Board Chair Dennis Hameister.

The Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority currently processes approximately 100,000 tons of trash and 14,000 tons of recycling per year.  

They hold an annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event; administer a Green Business Partnership Program; clean up illegal dump sites; answer thousands of calls from residents each year; collect electronics, scrap metal, tires and wood waste for recycling; house a CNG Fueling Station and an Electric Vehicle Charging Station; offer staff training; give tours to our students and community; keep vehicles and heavy equipment in tip top shape, and much, much more.

The Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority is honored to receive Proclamation 22 of 2022 and look forward to the next 50 years.

Proclamation Text

The text of the proclamation follows--

WHEREAS, In accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act, the Centre County Commissioners created the Centre County Solid Waste Authority in 1971. The Authority would become the implementing agency for the management of solid waste generated in Centre County. A transfer station was constructed in College Township to haul waste to the Carlin Landfill; and 

WHEREAS, Centre County adopted its first waste management plan in 1972, the Centre County Solid Waste Authority was created, and a Transfer Station was constructed and operated by the Authority; and

WHEREAS, In 1988, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 101, which required each County to develop a municipal waste management plan with the guidance of an advisory committee; and

WHEREAS, In 1989, the Centre County Solid Waste Authority began the implementation of a major recycling program for the County. Construction began on an intermediate processing facility and the Authority began to purchase equipment necessary to provide residential curbside collection, commercial collection and drop-off service to County residents; and

WHEREAS, Recycling collection services were provided to approximately 15,000 residences, 500 commercial establishments and The Pennsylvania State University. 

WHEREAS, In 2012, to more accurately reflect the Authority’s role in County government, the CCSWA changed its name to the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority (CCRRA). As it marks its 50th year of service to county residents, the Authority continues to provide leadership and oversight of solid waste management practices. The Authority handles approximately 115,000 tons of municipal waste and processes over 14,000 tons of recyclables annually; and

WHEREAS, The Authority provides free electronic drop off recycling, an annual household hazardous waste collection event (free), a quarterly newsletter and educational programs/tours, either virtually or in person utilizing our on-site Interpretive Center; and 

WHEREAS, With a staff of 70 employees, an operation budget of $11 million and a fleet of CNG collection vehicles, the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority, under the direction of seven volunteer board members, operates as one of the premiere solid waste authorities in Pennsylvania.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Centre County Board of Commissioners does hereby recognize the 50th Anniversary of Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority and encourages all citizens to become familiar with their facility and services they offer.

ADOPTED this 24th day of May 2022.

For additional information, visit the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority website or contact Amy Schirf at 814-238-7005, or by email to:  aschirf@centrecountyrecycles.org.   

(Photo: L to R-- Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins; Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe; CCRRA Board Chair Richard Stehouwer; CCRRA Deputy Executive Director/Recycling Coordinator Joanne Shafer; CCRRA Vice Board Chair Dennis Hameister; Centre County Commissioner Steven Dershem.)

[Posted: May 24, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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