Sunday, January 9, 2022

This Week’s Examples Of Going The WRONG WAY On Environmental, Energy Issues

While PA Environment Digest’s priority is to highlight positive examples of environmental and energy leadership, 2022 is an election year which demands accountability to voters.

Below are examples of going the WRONG WAY on environmental and energy issues from last week’s articles and NewsClips--

-- The Keystone: Republicans Have Billions To Help Pennsylvanians Impacted By The Pandemic, So Why Aren’t They Helping?


-- Conventional Oil & Gas Well Drillers Press DEP To Reduce Environmental Safeguards For Drilling And Treat Them The Same As Wind, Solar Energy Facilities  [PaEN]  


-- DEP Draft Rule Does Not Ban Road Spreading Of Conventional Oil & Gas Wastewater; Industry Objects To Waste Reporting Provisions  [PaEN]  


-- AP: Criminal Charges Brought By Attorney General Against Cabot Oil & Gas Driller Headed To Court   [Click Here for background]

-- Guest Essay: What Critics Get Wrong About Energy ‘Choice’ Legislation - Sen. Yaw


-- WilliamsportS: Sen. Yaw Calls Out Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Talks Rising Opioid Deaths


Want to have a positive impact on issues like this?  Tell your Senate and House members they need to act to protect and restore Pennsylvania’s environment and support the tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who do-- not slide backwards.

Click Here to find your member of the state General Assembly.

Going The RIGHT WAY:

-- 30 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA 

-- 35 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA

-- 1,198 New Articles In 2021 - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA  

[Posted: January 9, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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