Thursday, January 6, 2022

Sign Better Path Coalition Petition: DEP - Keep ALL Oil & Gas Wastewater Off Our Roads!

Better Path Coalition is asking the public to sign a petition to DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell to keep ALL oil and gas drilling wastewater off our roads.

A policy brief by the Coalition uncovered the fact 2.3 million gallons of conventional oil and gas wastewater has been spread on dirt and gravel roads from 2018 through 2020.  [Read more here.]

The road spreading had been done under a loophole in DEP's Residual Waste regulations allowing the use of wastes as Coproducts.

DEP recently determined the justifications for road spreading submitted by conventional oil and gas drillers do not meet the Residual Waste regulations, however, that will not stop road spreading in the future.  [Read more here.]

DEP officially lists 84 townships as “Waste Facilities” where conventional oil and gas wastewater has been disposed of by road spreading.  [Read more here.]

DEP banned the road spreading of drilling wastewater from unconventional (shale) gas operators in 2016.

Wastewater from conventional oil and gas operations has a very similar chemical make up and presents similar threats.

Since August of last year, Penn State and others have added to a growing body of research results documenting the potential harms to public health and the environment from road spreading oil and gas drilling wastewater.   [Read more science hereRead more science here.]

The Penn State Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies has advised townships for years that road spreading oil and gas wastewater is not only an “environmentally unsound practice,” it can cause water pollution and damage roads.  [Read more here]

“Yea, it does suppress dust, but so would plain water for a while without all the potential side effects,” said Steve Bloser, Executive Director of the Center.  [Read more here]

Eric Chase from the Center added, “Any liquid you put on the roads is going to suppress dust for a little while, right?  But, the fact of the matter is the high sodium brines are just not very effective.”  [Read more here]

Townships have been advised to do their due diligence on any company offering to spread drilling wastewater on their dirt and gravel roads to make sure they comply with DEP’s Residual Waste regulations.  [Read more here]

DEP recently made public a draft regulation increasing environmental standards for conventional oil and gas drilling, however it had no provision banning road spreading of wastewater.  [Read more here.]

Conventional oil and gas drillers are pressing DEP to reduce environmental safeguards for drilling across the board.  [Read more here.]

Click Here to review and sign the petition.

(Photos: Road spreading, Taking Samples After Spreading.)


--  The Allegheny Front - Reid Frazier: Despite Moratorium, 2 Million Gallons Of Conventional Oil & Gas Waste Spread On PA Roads Since 2018

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[Posted: January 6, 2022]  PA Environment Digest

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