Tuesday, December 21, 2021

New Conservative Energy Network Poll: 84% Support Govt. Action To Accelerate Clean Energy Development, 82% To Address Climate Change

On December 21, the
Conservative Energy Network released a new poll showing 73 percent of all voters would be more likely to support a Republican candidate who embraces new technologies and innovation in addressing climate change and clean energy issues.

The Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum is part of the CEN network.

The results also revealed strong support among voters for America-first clean energy policies-- 84 percent support the government taking action to accelerate clean energy in the U.S.-- 67 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of Independents and 97 percent of Democrats.

Americans believe more emphasis should be placed on domestic wind- 60 percent; solar- 70 percent; and hydropower- 59 percent.

There is little support for putting more emphasis on coal-- 51 percent would put less emphasis, 24 percent more.

The poll found an almost even divide on nuclear power-- 37 percent more emphasis and 34 percent less.

Forty-eight percent of those polled wanted more emphasis on natural gas and 23 percent wanted less.

Republicans, in particular, were supportive of placing more emphasis on natural gas (61 percent), solar (59 percent), hydropower (51 percent), nuclear (47 percent)  and wind (45 percent)-- in that order.  Coal was last at 37 percent.

In light of the ongoing supply chain crisis, 91 percent of respondents support America increasing its domestic supply chain to ensure components important to clean energy development are made in America.

Large majorities of voters favor the government taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions-- 82 percent-- 66 percent of Republicans, 88 percent of Independents and 95 percent of Democrats.

The poll found 45 percent called climate change an extreme threat and 31 percent a threat to be considered.

A strong majority of voters-- 76 percent-- would be more likely to support a candidate who believes human activity affects climate change-- 60 percent of Republicans, 77 percent of Independents and 91 percent of Democrats.

In addition, 34 percent of voters want to see America hold other large greenhouse gas emitters like Russia and China accountable and 27 percent believe we should renegotiate tariffs to prioritize cleaner American energy production.

Increasing research and development funding is the top clean energy policy proposal-- 50 percent-- followed closely by support for community solar projects-- 49 percent, and energy efficiency upgrades-- 47 percent.

Nearly three quarters of respondents are supportive of renewable wind and solar projects in rural areas-- 73 percent.

“This year’s survey results confirm that all Americans across the political spectrum want to see more clean energy production that is American-made,” said Mark Pischea, president and CEO of CEN. “90 percent of Americans view climate change as a threat to some extent. Over the last year, we have seen conservatives across all levels of government begin to tackle this issue head on. 

“As our polling has consistently shown over the last half decade, voters are skeptical of lofty liberal political rhetoric. Rather, voters continue to be more comfortable with pragmatic policy leadership from conservatives that produces meaningful economic development gains while reducing emissions.”

  Click Here for the full results.  The poll was conducted by Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies.

CEN hosted a webinar with Glen Bolger on the results.  Click Here to watch the webinar.  Click Here for the presentation slides.

The Conservative Energy Network is a national network of state-based organizations focused on promoting clean energy innovation rooted in conservative values.

The Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum is part of the CEN network.  Questions should be directed to Chad Forcey by sending email to: chad.forcey@penncef.org

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