Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Ed Wytovich Discusses Catawissa Creek's Unique Potential, Threats It Faces, What's Needed

This podcast was published on the Middle Susquehanna RiverKeeper Blog October 25, 2021--

Catawissa Creek Restoration Association President Ed Wytovich discusses the unique aspects of the creek, the successes it has seen via two treatment facilities and the hurdles faced in addressing the Audenreid Mine Tunnel's discharge into the waterway.
The Catawissa Creek is a 40-mile-long tributary to the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, entering the river at the Columbia County town of Catawissa.

Click Here to listen to the podcast interview with Ed Wytovich, who is seeking more people to champion cleanup efforts on the pristine waterway.

For more information on programs, initiatives, upcoming events and how you can get involved, visit the Middle Susquehanna RiverKeeper website.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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[Posted: October 26, 2021]  PA Environment Digest

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