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DEP Teaching Green Newsletter: Education Grants Opening Sept. 10, Examples Of Environmental Ed Projects, Professional Development, Lots Of Other Resources

DEP’s latest
Teaching Green newsletter highlights lots of resources for environmental educators, including an upcoming Environmental Education Grant round, examples of how education grants were used, professional development opportunities, and much more.

Environmental Ed Grants

DEP said the next application period for Environmental Education Grants will open September 10 and close on December 10.  Questions about the program should be directed to:

Examples of projects funded where also included--

-- Butler Area School District used their mini-grant on a project in which high School students created a rainbow trout nursery and released about 250 trout in Thorn Creek.  The students also worked in teams to research and design riparian buffer improvements and planted 400 livestakes to help improve stream habitat and reduce runoff water pollution.

-- The Allegheny College Creek Connections program used a mini-grant to hold a virtual summer institute for teachers and then distributed macroinvertebrate sampling equipment sets. The project established weekly “Creek Chats” with teachers via Zoom, offering guest presenters and virtual field visits.  Once a hybrid school model was implemented, project staff collected stream samples and dropped them off at schools. Creek Connections also hosted a virtual Student Research Symposium engaging approximately 1,300 students!

-- The PA Association of Conservation Districts developed “Healthy Streams” interpretive sign templates with mini-grant support. The templates present educational information on macroinvertebrate life, fish habitat structures, and vegetative buffers. The templates can be customized by county conservation districts and installed statewide.

-- The Franklin Institute hosted a virtual Youth Climate Summit over four days in April with help from a general grant. Eighteen teacher/student teams in southeast Pennsylvania (13 in Environmental Justice areas) participated in the summit to learn about the science of climate change, its local impacts, and solutions. During the culminating session, the teams designed a climate action plan specific to their school community.

-- Nurture Nature Center, working with the Penn State Extension Master Watershed Stewards Program, used their general grant to develop a Watershed Friendly Properties certification program designed to address stormwater runoff and pollution, conserve water, and support wildlife and pollinators. The site provides the program’s application and resources as well as a photo gallery of certified properties

For more information, visit DEP’s Environmental Education Grants webpage.

Other Resources

Just some of the other resources in the newsletter--

-- Farming & Energy Use Educational Handouts

-- Funding For Cleaner Fuel Transportation Available

-- Fall Pick Up Pennsylvania Campaign Starts September 1

-- New Interactive River Runner Map Shows Route A Raindrop Takes

-- Meaningful Watershed Education Professional Development Opportunities

-- Penn State Extension: Dive Deeper Water Educators Summit - Sept. 23

Click Here to read the entire newsletter.

For more environmental ed resources, visit DEP’s Environmental Education webpage.  Questions should be directed to Bert Myers, DEP Environmental Education and Information Center, call 717-772-1828 or send email to:   Click Here to sign up for the DEP Teaching Green newsletter.

[Posted: July 23, 2021]  PA Environment Digest

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