Saturday, March 20, 2021

Rachel Carson Falcons Lay First Eggs; 18-Year Old Male Falcon Perishes; Bald Eagle Egg Hatches

The pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting on the 15th floor of the Rachel Carson Building in Harrisburg have laid their first two eggs of the season and more might be coming. 
Click Here to watch live.

DEP announced last week the 18-year-old male Peregrine Falcon that was nesting at the Rachel Carson Building for the last 16 years perished after he flew into the side of the building.

“W/V,” as he was known, was replaced by a younger male in the nest this year as the dominant male.

During his tenure, W/V sired 65 falcons.  He hatched and was originally banded in 2003 at the Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia.

Click Here to read the tribute to W/V posted on DEP’s Falcon Wire.

Visit DEP’s PA Falcon webpage to learn more about Peregrine Falcons and their connection to Pennsylvania’s Rachel Carson, the namesake of the DEP/DCNR headquarters building in Harrisburg.

Bald Eagles

The pair of Bald Eagles nesting in York County welcomed their first hatchling into the world last week.  Two eggs were laid in the nest this year. Read more here.

Wildlife Webcams

The Game Commission’s round-the-clock online livestreams offer viewers a chance to connect with wildlife, all from the comfort of home.  The live online cams include--

-- Live Bear Cam  [watch the cubs!]

-- Live Farm Country Eagles Cam

-- Live Hanover Bald Eagles Cam

-- Live Snow Goose Cam At Middle Creek Wildlife Mgmt. Area

            Keep Watching! [If you can't get outside!]

For more information on wildlife, visit the Game Commission website.

(Photo: Rachel Carson Building Peregrine Falcon W/V)
[Posted: March 20, 2021] 
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